A) Engineering Goods and Services-

  1. Farming tools and equipments.(H301,H302,H304,H10*8,H9*9,HOE,pickaxe,cutter mattock, forged digging fork, digging fork, curved rack, pick railway/Clay),HOE mattock, animal plough,mallloda HOE,spade,cultivator,hammer.
  2. Agricultural machinery (diesel engines and its parts, grinding mills, threshers and shellers,tractor implements, oil extraction mills, water pumps, hand pumps, rice huller parts ,snap sack sprayer) and food processing machinery.
  3. Renewable energy equipments (solar modules, related products and invertors)
  4. Industrial machinery for paper, cement, textile, lab testing equipments.
  5. Aluminum products, steel forging, steel wire and pipes.
  6. Ferrous industrial casting, other non-ferrous metals.
  7. Iron and steel machine tools (wire straightening and cutting machine, lathe, power press, portable bag closure sewing machine), hand tools (spanners, pliers, wrenches, and files)
  8. Electrical, home appliances (grinder, mixer, gas stove pressure stove/cooker, ceiling fan etc), all ceramics and builders hardware.
  9. Bicycle/automobile parts, internal combustion engines, tyers, rims, and batteries.
  10. Technical consultancy services and designing mould/cast/tool room manufacturing of various engineering parts as per design requirement.
  11. Plastic barrels/cans, rain pipe, printed bags, air bubble sheet/poly sheet and roll, printed bags and chemicals as per requirement.
  12. Industrial accessories, spare parts E.g. bearings, fasteners, cutting tools and equipments. Etc.
  13. IT and Computer Engineering services Web/app/graphic/logo/software development and support,enterprise solution,home and office automation(Iot),SEO,digital marketing,employee outsourcing.

B) Agro Food Commodities –    

  1. Indian Rice
  2. Wheat, Maize
  3. Cereals
  4. Sugar
  5. Cotton
  6. Turmeric and other spices, as per requirements.

3) Cloths, Handicraft and Leather and other Miscellaneous-

  1. Hand craft batik articles, Wall decor, Statues
  2. Cloths
  3. Curtains, Mats Household articles
  4. Gents, Children’s and women’s ware.
  5. Woolens.