Corporate Sustainability

We at Best International Co. (I) always give back to society many times over’. We aim towards long-term value creation for the immediate environment we work in by providing financial support, education and training, scholarships, support for local economies, and through sustainable partnerships with various stakeholders.

We are focused on measures towards creating an inclusive society by addressing the need to mainstream a sizeable disadvantaged section of the population in India. We continue to play a significant role in putting in place new social initiatives focused on proactively creating economic and social empowerment among disadvantaged communities, making a real impact on improving the quality of life of the families of beneficiaries.

At last we take pride in being a responsible member of the environment in which we operate and have adopted global environmental norms in our businesses. Our in-house teams are engaged in research and development towards ensuring reduced environmental impact.

One of our commitments is reinforced in the following way:

  • Heavy reforestation and creation of new water resources in the form of ponds and wells for the surrounding communities.